Saturday, July 7, 2012

Handing A Little More of My Life Over to Technology

First, I just want to say that I know it looks like I haven't blogged in a while but I've been working on setting up other pages of the blog like BOOKS and DREAMS so I'm not slackin'!

So moving on to today's post: it's really about realization!

What I've realized lately is that there are so many resources available to me that I am not using. Things that could really help me not only get organized but organize the way I want!

1) For example, despite popular belief, really I am an organized person BUT I hate when things get predictable! So I never set up a schedule to get organized regularly because I would rather not plan things out that are just going to get monotonous fast.

BUT I have found a solution! Google has pulled through for me again! I've started using Google calendar and mapping out my goals and what I want to accomplish while making sure that it's not too predictable and boring:

Check it out! The system works like this: I picked a few things that I want to make sure I get done on a regular basis as well as things that for sure happen on a regular basis.

Example of things that for sure happen: Work, having the chance to go to the Missionary Training Center and  talk to the missionaries who are going to Hungary soon, bills that need to be paid.

Example of things that I want to have happen regularly: Clean Room, Clean Bathroom, Balance Checkbook, Work on my English Class, BLOG! 

So I went ahead and put in the things that happen with or without me to remind me to do them (like giving my landlord money so she doesn't kick me out).

What I did with the things that I wanted to have happen was pick a starting day and then decided to do it every 5 days. That way a day never gets labeled as "Bathroom Day" because that would just be an injustice to any day of the week. I'm excited to give it a try!!!

2) I do WANT to take care of myself but I don't know how... but recently I was introduced to by my awesome friend Caitlan and it's a fantastic way to keep track of your fitness and motivate yourself to eat healthy foods and exercise. There's something about having a screen tell you that what you did that day made a difference. It can motivate you to do it again the next day!

It's great because you can create a profile, connect with other friends who are in the network (I have one friend... Caitlan...) and is basically either just a fitness journal and calculator at it's lowest function or a fitness support system at it's highest.

Here is an example of the many functions it is capable of! You input the food and it tracks things like Calories, Carbs, Fats and Protein. AND you can actually change those settings to keep track of other things such as vitamins and cholesterol.

You can even create a meal so you don't have to put in the same thing over and over again if you have a tendency to enjoy the same meal often. For example I recently created the "Mini Awesome Sandwich" which is made of many things like turkey, avocado, different kinds of cheeses etc. etc. and now I just go on and click "Mini Awesome Sandwich" and it loads all of that information for me! Which is good because I do eat that awesome sandwich pretty often!

Then there's of course the actual physical activity aspect of this fitness stuff... which is the hardest part for me but because of this site I'm able to find different ways that I can exercise for just a few minutes a day and actually feel like it's making a difference. My latest discovery is jump roping, which as it turns out burns 108 calories every 15 minutes at a slow pace! Who would have thought!

3) My 3rd and final discovery that I would like to share today is a resource I've found to help me get organized financially. It's called

I am a super newbie when it comes to understanding finances, which is why I signed up for a free online course through BYU Independent Study and while exploring that wondered what free programs were available for actual budgeting. I did a little background check to make sure this site was secure and then got an account. It sounds like it's very basic but handy for someone with limited knowledge of how to handle finances. I've already been able to link my banking information, create an income and outcome chart and learn about how I can make and keep my money or even make it grow. With the online class and this resource combined I can tell I'm going to be quite a bit more organized from now on!

So that is my story about how I am getting myself organized! I didn't realize there could be so many resources right in front of me if I would just do a google search on them :) If anyone else is feeling a little unorganized I would highly suggest these tools and please let me know if you know of any more!