Monday, May 13, 2013

Who Has Two Thumbs and Sucks at Posting?

This girl.

I am indeed pointing my two thumbs at myself, probably not every time someone reads this but when I wrote it I was so it counts!

There's a chance I am super exhausted but can't sleep anymore and you guys are going to get the result of that. Being delusional!

But I need to get back in the habit of posting!

Here's the deal lately:
April 9th:
Ben and I find these amazing moustach glasses

April 27th -30th
My friend Easton invited me on a trip to Zion!
Here was the rising at the campsite where we stayed on night one

the campfire

And... here's where we stayed on night 2...
A really nice condo of some of the guys we went with!
Me and another girl shared this enormous, soft, comfy bed.
It was awesome!
Part of a little Sunday walk we did

A hike called Hidden Canyon
Here's the top of Angel's Landing

And here's Easton filling his water bottle while
a wild turkey runs around him...

May 1st:
Caitlan and I go to Salt Lake to see Alex Clare!
He was SO FUNNY!  Just the cutest guy.
One of my favorite quotes of the night:
[after he finished and went off the stage everyone was yelling ENCORE ENCORE]
"Oh, you guys don't have to ask, I was going to come back out!"

And then he came back and sang my favorite song "I Won't Let  You Down"
May 5th:
Bryan is headed to Chicago for a few weeks so he took me on
another motorcycle ride through the canyon.
It was beautiful!
 May 10th:
Easton and I hike "The Camel"
It was a random hike in Springville and ended up being
 pretty crazy because there's no actual trail!
But the view was amazing, not that you can tell
from a picture taken on my crappy phone...

May 11th:
The amazing and incredible Kjirstin Kinman came to town and we took off in her convertible
and enjoyed some quality time with the wind blowing through our hair!