About Me

Here's a picture of some people that I really like.
I'm the one being crushed between 
the boy on the left and the blonde girl.
I barely survived this moment and 

cannot say I'm not traumatized.
My name is Jessie. 
I come from Idaho Falls where I grew up with 
one older sister and four little brothers. 
I don't know how it happened or how I survived. 
I ask myself often.

But i have a fantastic family that is always looking out for each other and laughing!

Now I go to BYU where I study hard and aspire to be a social worker. 

This is me studying really hard

From time to time having fun takes over my ability to study and I find myself running around doing something crazy like throwing crushed up, water soaked chalk at people I love.

Laughing is kind of the key to life as I feel like people are figuring out more and more! 

If you're trying to think about a joke
 about being "hungry" stop.
None of those jokes were ever funny.
And I've heard them ALL!
One of the most amazing things I've ever been blessed to do is run away to the incredible and beautiful country of Hungary for a year and a half to teach people about what I believe in spiritually. Imagine taking something that has brought only goodness to your life and going here to tell people about it. It was incredible! I gained another family while I was over there and couldn't believe the hospitality of the people. They love you as much as they feed you 

and MAN will they feed you A LOT!!! 

So that's life! 
Nothing's better than a fantastic family, 
wonderful friends and living from adventure to adventure! 

Thanks for checkin' out my blog!

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