Friday, January 18, 2013

So Much Wisdom on a T-Shirt

So about a week before Christmas I tell my dad that this t-shirt would be an awesome birthday idea for me since I wanted it real bad. I figured Christmas was coming up too soon so just submitted it as a birthday suggestion and then Christmas morning I wake up to find that Santa has dropped it off for me! I was so excited!

Here is why I am so excited about this t-shirt: It has the lyrics of a song on it by Brandi Carlile who is one of the most talented musical artists currently walking the planet. The song was inspired by a friend of Brandi's who went through an addiction and recovered. At the concert she actually introduced the song as one that she hoped would inspired juvenile delinquents to aim for a better future and that falling down does not mean staying down.

As this goes along directly with my line of work I was basically smitten by her awesomeness. So I think I'll attach a link so that the joy can be consumed by the ears of all of my loved ones:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dinner and a Whale

Ok so first Ben and I were hanging out and we were like "We're hungry. Let's make dinnner". But Ben is a vegetarian. I'm thinking about devoting a whole post to it. We'll see.

But anyway, I was like "what should we make?!" and Ben was all "Squash, peppers, onions and a little garlic"

And I was like- that sounds delicious!

But I need meat...

And this is what happened. Veggies and a Wendy's single YUM!

Ben also made sweet potatoes with Rosemary! This one looked happy and Asian >)

And then Ben ate him! He was a little less happy about that...

Also, as was mentioned in a previous post, I have a fear of whales. In order to help alleviate the fear, Ben found Steve (the tiny killer whale) and said (we'll find bigger and bigger ones until you get up to a real whale and then you won't be afraid! I said that was a bad idea because I don't want to be around whales at all but then when we at the dollar store yesterday we found this blue guy. Whale number 2. A little bit bigger than Steve. I've named him "That Whale Thing" (I just called it that one time and Ben decided it should be so). :( We'll see how this whole experiment works out...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wait. It's the Middle of January?

So I was driving to a friend's place yesterday and saw a Christmas tree and thought "Oh yeah, it's almost Christma.... wait" and then I realized it's not almost Christmas. It's actually the middle of January!

Life has been crazy.

For example. On Christmas day I worked the evening shift at work. And then I worked every day after that for the next 7 days. By the end I was pretty sure I was dead.

But luckily I missed the sickness going around!

Ok, I'm just going to look back through pictures recently taken and do a little catch up!

So these are in no particular order, just how they uploaded:

So I went up to Farmington for a night and hung out with my grandma!  She is know to the little kids in her neighborhood as "Grandma Puppies" because of Zeus and Pheobe. They are hilarious and love to cuddle. And Zeus likes to sit on Pheobe's head so that's always hilarious!
We got some Chinese food! What's funny though is that this is
a picture of our food AFTER having finished. The portions were HUGE!
 New Year's Eve was spent with me experiencing this Just Dance game for the first time and it was awesome! Some personal favorites were "Maneater" and some Ricky Martin song that made you do things like pretend to ride a horse and sword fight. It was awesome!

Then there was the drive to Idaho that was barren but pretty... kind of.
Brynlee and McKinley in matching PJs!
Our family tried to play Christmas Pictionary. You were supposed to  use common Christmas phrases but Jeff started doing things like "Santa Claus likes ____" and putting the most mundane object possible (and then sucking at drawing it). As you can see Jake caught right on. We don't actually know if Santa likes pudding but at least it's within the realm of Christmas food. My favorite was Jeff putting "Santa said ho ho ho" and not telling us we got it right until we made sure to have "says" in the past tense.
This is my family.

Syd and i tried some new stuff with her make up! Success!
 And I just love this winking picture :)

Homemade cake totally from scratch!
Good thing Ben knows how to cook and bake...

One night Ben was like "I have your birthday present 
but I think I need to give it to you early." and so he  pulls these out. 
Tickets to a concert that I really want to go to but wasn't sure if 
I should spend the money on! I was so happy I was speechless! 
Seriously, I didn't talk for like 5 minutes.
We're going to Ed Sheeran!!!!! 
I went up to Salt Lake to hang out with Pappity and we went to Les Mis.
Ummmmmm stunning. Anne Hathaway and I patched up our friendship
(which was going through a rocky period of lack of respect for her) when
she flawlessly sang "I Dreamed a Dream" in one take.
And then Caitlan and I had a joint birthday party!
This was not part of it but it was at Zurchers so Caitlan had to put it on her head.
Dan, Rich, Caitlan, Me, Loren, Amanda and Ben
And here is a little snap shot from the party! The theme was 1920s. It was perfect and went awesomely!