Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Life Lately

Remember that one time when I was so determined to keep a blog and then didn't write for like 2 or 3 months? Well I'm repenting of my ways and am hoping to keep up a little better from now on! The whole idea behind the blog was "well I'm not good at taking pictures or writing things down but maybe I'll be good at blogging!" SUPER not logical!

But here's my life lately:

I started working at Slate Canyon Detention Center which has definitely kept me busy! I'm there about 30 hours a week on average but it's on call so it can fluctuate. I work mainly with the boys right now and make sure they're being safe, not hurting anyone (including themselves) and help them sit down and talk things out when they need it. They are really hilarious. I don't think a day goes by that one doesn't say something that has me laughing uncontrollably! They're sweet kids, just have done some not so constructive things... and it's great because they are the kinds of kids I want to work with in the future!

I've never taken a picture in Slate but here's a picture I found online. There are core values posted on the wall to remind the kids of the things they're there to learn and then there's a kid going into a cell.

Then there's school! I'll be finishing up my Bachelor's in Human Development in June! I'm thinking I'll take a year off to make money and gain some more experience and then jump into a Master's of Social Work! That's the plan (cross your fingers that it actually happens!)

Then there's play- Just a couple fun things:

This is Autumn STRAIGHT off the mission!
Like I took this in the airport!

So in June one of my best friend's officially made it back from her mission. What's cool is that Autumn and I became friends ON the mission, she was the last companion I ever had and I was so lucky to have her before I left. An eternal friendship was formed and we're making all kinds of fun plans including paragliding, traveling and what we're gonna do when we're old ladies still causing trouble! I was able to fly up (BIG shout out to Autumn's mom for making that possible!) and be there for when she got off the plane!

So I'm just kind of pulling pictures off my phone and using them to remind me of the fun things I've done! Ironically now that school has started I can have way more fun because I went from working 60- 70 hour weeks to 30 hour weeks + school... life is crazy!  But one day I was talking to my awesome friend Nadine and she said "Hey wanna go to Lagoon for free on Friday?" and I said "Yes!" so we hopped in the car that Friday and gave Lagoon a visit! Neither of us had been there in years so we just ran around hopping on rides and enjoying the free food Nu Skin provided! 

Nadine and I on the train to go through the zoo!
Bryan and I enjoying the scenery!
THEN just a few days ago I was thinking- I need to do something I haven't done before... ride a motorcycle? And literally the next day I get a gchat from my friend Bryan that went like this:

Bryan: Hey, how's it going?
Me: Good! How are you? I haven't heard from you in months!
Bryan: I'm good, I always have my motorcycle!
Me: Yes... about that...

A nice little waterfall we stopped at
And then he was nice enough to take me on a ride through the Alpine Loop. It was BEAUTIFUL! It was so nice to just ride around and enjoy the fresh air and not be in town for a little bit. It was kind of hard to come back after such a beautiful ride...

Bryan took a couple awesome panorama shots. I couldn't believe all the color! It was really beautiful.

I look kind of intense because
1) I had been trying to dodge the picture and
2) Because I'm really intense

Other than that I've just been kickin' around- moved into the new place, got back into rock climbing (so if anyone ever wants to go give me a call) and have been able to catch up with some really awesome people! I feel like I've done more but either I'm wrong or I really am just that bad at documenting things, and it really could be either...

As for right now I'm kind of working on a bucket list so if anyone has suggestions please post below! Things in the works are : Learn to scuba dive, paraglide, learn Spanish, make a dress, white water rafting, run... something that's a little more feasible than a marathon,... if you can think of anything help me out!

So a new goal will be to update this a little more (more for my sake than for anyone else's) but that's my life lately!