Monday, July 7, 2014

He Liked It So He Went And Put A Ring On It!!!

The proposal post!!!

I've been meaning to post this for a while but things have been a little busy with some wedding planning!!

So on April 25th the most incredible person I've ever met got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever!! It was a pretty busy day since it was my dad's birthday, the day I walked and received my diploma, the day I sold my apartment contract, and the day I got the prettiest piece of jewelry I've ever owned!

This was that morning, before I knew what a treat I was in for!!

So after getting the diploma and enjoying some time with my parents and siblings, Jeff said he had a plan for the rest of the evening. If you read the post before this than you know that Jeff and I met and went on a date in 2009. Well, Jeff's plan for that night was to retrace our steps and go on our first date again! 

In 2009, Jeff picked me up at my apartment at University Villa and we made our way over to the planetarium. I remember just chatting while we waited in line and thinking "hmmmm, this date is going a lot smoother than the usual first date." Jeff was easy to talk to, laugh with and be around in general (and let's get real, easy to look at!). Which is more than can be said for most first dates! Unfortunately, in 2014, the planetarium was closed so we just wandered around and took some pictures on the old Polaroid he'd bought!

We then stopped by Fat Cats (just like in 2009) and then grabbed malts at "The Malt Shop"!

We had so much fun, even more fun than the first time we went on this date! But in 2014, instead of taking me home, we hopped back in the car and Jeff just started driving! We drove over to a park next to Utah Lake (we started dating after a conversation on the edge of Utah Lake) and when we pulled up I could see little flickering lights a little ways away. We got out and walked over to find some blankets set out, rose peddles everywhere and jars with little candles in them! We sat down, chatted, laughed and wrapped up in blankets since it was a little cold and windy and just enjoyed the view. Then Jeff said he had a gift for me!

And he pulled out this book! It turns the had been up until about 3 most nights that week putting this book together with pictures and quotes in chronological order from our time dating. We put in the pictures that we had taken earlier so that we would have pictures from our "first date," and it turned out that that's why we needed to reenact it! 

These are just a few pictures from the book and we had an awesome time looking back on all the fun we've had!

Then I got to this page:

And I was like "UMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!??????"

And then turned the page to find this picture!

And then I was about to turn to the next page when Jeff TOOK THE BOOK FROM ME!! 

But he made up for it by saying a lot of very nice things, standing up, getting on one knee and asking me if I would marry him!!!!!!!!!!

I very quickly and excitedly said "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and we hugged, kissed, and starts celebrating when he said "wait, you said 'yes' right?" And I said 


As it turns out, Jeff had taken the book because the next page said "She Said Yes!!!" but he had to make sure everything went according to plan before he could let me see that page :)

And it did!!! So we filled those pages with pictures of us celebrating!!!!!!!

As of now these are the last pages in the book but we now have ETERNITY to fill in the rest of the pages!! I can't believe how lucky I am so be able to create memories with someone so kind, smart, caring, dedicated, hardworking, funny, and dang handsome :) I have won the jackpot!!!!!

AUGUST 2nd is the day!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!