Saturday, December 22, 2012

And Life Just Keeps On Rollin'!

This is a picture of Caitlan, Me and Maryn during our 
senior year of high school- 2007

And this is a picture of me and Gwyneth Jane Coughran! 

Maryn's CHILD!!!

Growing up is super crazy but really awesome, she was the sweetest  thing and smiled at me a few times!!!

She looks just like Maryn except for the dark hair which we don't really know where that came from...

Maryn's sister said she looks like she could be mine!


Dan and I decided it was hot chocolate time so we promptly ran over to Sonic and satisfied that need.

So I said "Let's take a picture for my blog! Smile"
and Dan couldn't get the menacing look off his face for two seconds for a friendly picture!

As we were chatting I found a dollar store purchase 
in my car that I had forgotten about 
(the dollar store never stops providing happiness)!

These little sticky slap hands made it possible for me to slap Dan across the face 17 times and blindly flail about during which I'm sure i smote him thousands of times.

...he may have gotten me once or twice...

The Dollar Store is a Magical Place

And here is reason number one.

These guys glow...
In the dark!

Pop Rocks! 

Also these little nerf air guns.
This was the last moment of Ben's life.

Just kidding! 

He lived and it was super rewarding to nerf someone in the head!
I also now own a giant toothbrush that I don't 
have a picture of but is awesome.

Promptly after Ben telling me it had no purpose 
I blocked a nerf bullet with it.


A Quick Trip to Italy and a Dash Into the Woods...

So Bryan and I went to Gloria's Little Italy 
and felt totally like white trash the whole time 
(ok, Bryan says it was just me) 
because it was such a nice restaurant! 
We enjoyed some delicious food 
that we didn't know how to pronounce!

 Then on the way back to his place we were spinning cookies around the block and found these guys in someone's yard! 
They were just chillin'. I didn't get a picture of the one with antlers because they kind of got spooked when we swung around in front of them...

Then we went home and Bryan played the piano while we sang some Christmas songs! Eventually we moved onto Billy Joel (like everyone does) and recorded one but unfortunately we can't figure out how to format it so it will upload... 

Probably for the best hahaha! But we'll keep working on it!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Brandi Effing Carlile

So I have no words to express how
incredible this concert was.

Allow me to try.

 So it was sold out!

first of all, this is how close we were.
THAT is the set list. 

This is how Phil, Brandi and Tim
came out and started the show.

At one point she was taking requests and got one that she didn’t know so she was like 
“Well, let’s figure it out!”

Every single song was sung so passionately. Papz and I were listening to her CDs after and we both agreed that she’s actually significantly better live. She holds nothing back and is just so loving every minute of being there with you.

She was literally 12 feet away from us.

We were basically singing in the mic with Tim.

The incredible Trio

Phil and Brandi

 Papz and I were thrilled to hear her sing 
“The Story” which is, indeed, our song!

Brandi and Tim basically making their guitars into one amazing power instrument from the gods.

And then she sang “That Wasn’t Me” which was written from experiences had with people who have made major mistakes. It's aimed toward juveniles to inspire them to be the best person they can be. As this is what I am passionate about I all but died when she was talking about it.

Phil and Tim sang this awesome song called Love Hurts. I was laughing the whole time!

I could have listened to her sing “The River” the entire night. It was honestly so inspiring.

An accurate depiction of how awesome they are

Papz and I post concert. It was an incredible night. We went home and watched another concert of hers off of itunes.

And then I experienced the Front Runner!

So glad that’s up and running!

So the night was basically incredible! 
Brandi Carlile is a goddess and Papz 
and I were in the same room as her! 
Life changing experience.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

So Ben Got Jealous

I was doing my hair this morning at Ben's place (I had an early final that I didn't get ready for and then just went to his place) and he got all jealous of how awesome it looked. So I was like "I can do it to yours too!" and he was all "no you can't, my hair doesn't do that" and I informed him that I have magical hair stuff.

So after putting some hairspray in his hair (or as he would say "after puttin' some shiz in his hair") I took the straighter to it and this wonder happened!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sister Clark is off to Germany!

Me and Sydnee

So this was hilarious. 

Syd and I decide to do a temple trip and on the way up we're talking about how we can help people at 12:12 today (12/12/12) because of a birthday wish my friend Alex made. 

He asked that, for his birthday, at 12:12 pm people do nice things for each other, little acts of service. So it's approaching and we're like "what should we do?"

Then a woman stops us and asks if we can take a picture. Awesome, a little act of service!

So in this little group I see two middle-aged women, a boy (who I assume is leaving) and then there's a girl but she's talking to one of the woman and is not facing me.

She hands Syd the camera and I'm finishing a text on my phone (I know, some service I'm providing, right?) and then I hear "Jessie?!?!?!" 

I look up and it turns out that it's the GIRL who is going on a mission and she's one of my old work friends who I LOVED working with! Just that morning I had looked up her address and was ready to send her a DearElder by the end if the day!

It was so exciting to catch up and send her off!!!!

So for my act of service at 12:12 pm on 12/12/12 
I sent off a missionary!

All the pictures were on her camera but I told her to send me them so hopefully I'll be able to update this post with a picture that includes her!

It was a successful 12/12/12.
Now we'll see what 12/21/12 brings!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's Tuesday of Finals Week

And the only one I have left I'll be taking tomorrow!

What better time to play with the new haircut 
you haven't had time to explore?

This is going to be a post with a lot of pictures 
of my face but there's a prize at the 
end that will hopefully make it all worth it.

So this is what it usually looks like:

And this was what happened today:

The 1960s brush over bob

The Beeb- actually a hard picture to take since you have to
 do the emo head swing and then take the picture...

A moment with the Monkees
Affectionately called: Right Down The Line
The Toupee

And the moment we've all been waiting for:

The Mohawk

From the side

Well Back to Studying...

Just kidding, here's the aftermath of doing a mohawk, I'm actually pretty pleased!

Updates and New Discoveries:

Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm a Real Mormon Now!

So Brian decided that we needed to go see the lights on Temple Square. I was like

"I've never been down there to see them."

And then we concluded that I am a bad Mormon for never having seen them.

So it was hilarious running around Temple Square, I think I'll just post the pictures and funny quotes from throughout the night. ENJOY!

 I throw snow in Brian's mouth
Brian: Ewww grossssssss! That's so gross!
*literally 1 minutes later*
Crunch Crunch Crunch
Me: Brian, are you eating the snow?
Brian: ... Yeah...
Me: You just said that was gross!
Brian: Well, yeah, it is. Here open your mouth!

P.S. that picture -> is supposed to be of the angel at Christ's birth....

 So first we eat at Little America and it was DELICIOUS! The funny thing was that the waitress comes over and basically asks me what we want and every time she comes back she addresses me instead of Brian. Brian was complaining to me about how I'm like commanding her to acknowledge me with my presence and I'm like "That doesn't make any sense, I am not!" and then she comes over with the check and puts it right next to me!!! I was willing to ignore it but as soon as she walked away Brian says "WHY? WHY would she do that?!" Admittedly I still can't explain that one...

Me: Oh my word my boots have no traction I could just slide around.


Me: You should push me.

Brian: *sigh* ok.

 Me: Ok I totally know how to get back! We uhhh get on the tram...

Brian: Ummm yes.

Me: It's intuition. This thing you get as a woman.

Brian: Yeah ok, but you're going over to the wrong tram... we need to get on the other one.


Brian: Good thing I have man's intuition!

Brian: Well ok, so it's snowing. Are you still good for going to the lights.
Jessie: Yeah, I'm fine.
Brian: Are you sure? ... It's not indoors.
Jessie: Wait the lights on Temple Square is not an indoor event?
Brian: No, so if that won't work I could tie you up and leave you in the woods, what'dya think?
Jessie: (quietly) ummm no I'm good with the lights.
*Later in the night*
Brian: Well I still haven't tied you up so that's still an option...

We ran into Andrew Bird (who's getting married in like a week)

Brian: Oh hey, thanks for the invite. NOT!

Andrew: Dude, wanna come?

Brian: I get this feeling we should kiss.

Me: Sometimes I get this feeling I should do crystal meth but then I think 'ehhhh better not'


Me: Unless it was the Spirit...

Look we found the Hungarian one!!!

Looking at (and listening to) a choir that was singing in the main building...
Brian: Ok, which boy is cutest?
Me: Brian, they're a high school choir. They're like 15! And none of them are that cute.
Brian: Wow, that's harsh!
Jessie: Well you find one!
Brian: Ok... oh wow no you're right....

At the Christus:

Brian: Ok Jessie, no making jokes right now.

Jessie: Ok.

Brian: Oh my gosh, that kid just fell in the plants around the Christus!

 So the picture above won't rotate but I think you can figure out how it's supposed to be and the one to the side was taken by a really nice, slightly crazy man who was missing some teeth. The one below really sets the tone of the night

Me: look, everything's so nice and spiritual. Like me.

Brian: Look what I can make with my hand!

It's hard being so spiritually advanced sometime.

Ok maybe that's not exactly how it was...
So as you can see from some of the pictures, there were nativities from all around the world. Brian walked up to this sign and started cleaning it off saying:

"I wonder where this one is from. 'Please enjoy nativities from the...' oh"

And then a woman came up who looked like she could have been from where the nativity was from and we decided that she was from 'the sidewalk'