So I have the craziest dreams and I 
decided to start keeping record of them. 
My roommate said she wants to write 
a book or something of them and I thought 
"I have a blog!" 

Which is like the same thing... right?


So I decided that I need to write down my goals (dreams?) somewhere but I keep writing them down and losing them...

And I figure no one reads this page anyway! So I'm keeping my list here. If you happen to come across it and have any ideas, let me know I guess!

Get a Masters of Social Work
Put aside $100 a month for travel
Go to Costa Rica with Global Volunteer Network
Do therapy for homeless people
Go to Hawaii
Learn an instrument

October sometime in 2011

Ok so this isn't the dream I had last night but one of my mission companions just came back and reminded me of a really weird dream I had! So we were in our apartment (this is not the dream yet) and our carbon monoxide alarm went off. We opened all the windows and called someone to take care of it and that's a totally different story but that night this is the dream I had:

So the stage is set by the x-men school and there's a monkey guy that is going around killing people. He attacks a teacher WHO IS PREGNANT and then who should come to save the day but CHUCK NORRIS. Hes come in with a swift kick and they start battling! After a moment or two of tumbling around the room, Chuck (we're on a first name basis now), noticed there was a small child in the corner who was cowering and pretty scared. So he grabs the kid and runs for the door. They get out into a big room where there is a big pool of sludge but a big metal bridge. Once out in this clearing Chuck lets the little kid go and the kid takes off. The bad monkey guy flies over and lands in front of Chuck. He then WITH HIS MIND pulls out a giant knife and brings it behind Chuck (so it's floating in the air) and stabs him through the back of the neck! So the knife is stabbing him through the back of his neck and coming out the front of his throat! You would think that that would slow him down but NO. Instead Chuck lunges at the evil, flying, telepathic monkey and stabs HIM with the knife still in his neck! so not at all using his hands! The bad guy kind of explodes with light like how some bad guys are destroyed in video games. Then the kids who were trapped in the school are set free and go running out of the school keeping some really scary friends of monkey man trapped inside and contained. At this point I distinctly remember watching Chuck Norris pull the knife out of his neck, toss it aside and walk away.

So that was the gist of the dream. More to come.


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