Thursday, June 18, 2015



Fish Tacos and Calamari!!!

Seafood Pizza and Crab Pasta!!

Fried Oyster!!

Fish n' Chips


Tillamook Cheese Factory!!

The Octopus Tree!!!

Cape Meares Lighthouse!!



Here are pictures of some beautiful places!!! Lots of beach, lots of trees, and our cozy home called Captain Easy's!!!



One day Phil expressed to us that he's never been to the Oregon coast and really wants to go! So we went!!! The Oregon posts will be categorized by Person, Place, and FOOD!! First Person: 

Phil, Danielle, Jeff, and I basically ran around the coast having a BLAST!! In fact, we felt that everyone should get an award! 

Phil: best sunburn! Kayaking left everything from the knee down bright red!! 
Jeff: best kite flying (he got a penguin to fly!!) 
Danielle: Most beautiful sand castle EVER!! (Pictures to come) 
Jessie: Most clam chowder eaten (every meal but the first!!!)

Saturday, June 13, 2015