Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Diary of Tomato Face Girl 2

Tomato Face Girl and Her Love!!

Duration: 1 hr

Distance: 5 miles

Good or Bad: Good! I didn't have broccoli right before so that was good... And I switched between 11 and 12 minute miles so I wouldn't get burned out and give up! So, while it wasn't fast, it was steady! I've found that I'm most comfortable at about an 11:15 mile so maybe I can speed that up!!

Today I listened to a podcast that talked about racism and some things I thought were interesting-good and some were interesting-not-so-good. I'll just limit it to 2 each to save time.

Interesting Good
1) This was a conference podcast so there were 4 people (2 men, 2 women =1 African American, 3 Caucasian- from what I gathered= all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints=all seemed between the ages of 25 and 35). So it wasn't just one person's point of view, it was a discussion and lots of interesting points were shared and debated between them.

2) they gave a clear description of racism (oppressor exercising power over oppressed because of race), and brought in other terms such as prejudice (having a preconceived opinion about someone or something), micro aggression (where the racism may not even be intentional but still exists and is usually based on stereotypes or false assumptions), and benevolent racism (I think this is the term they used for someone meaning well but basically just being ignorant).


1) Examples of racism used were sometimes accurate (classifying what happened in Charleston as a racist hate crime) and sometimes not (the African American women saying its micro aggression when people compliment her on being articulate because they are obviously surprised that an African American women could be articulate... people tell me I'm articulate... Could it be that she's just... being complimented?)

2) There was no discussion about reverse racism or prejudice against the "oppressor" (ex. assuming all white people are racist, privileged, and ignorant).

I'll just leave it at that because this is just supposed to be a quick running journal but I love hearing other people's points of view, especially on social issues. This podcast is called Rational Faith, look it up!

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