Monday, July 6, 2015

The Diary of Tomato Face Girl

So I'm trying to become a runner. So much so that I'm running a half marathon in a few weeks here and a marathon in October! Unfortunately, whenever I take part in this exercising stuff my face gets REALLY red for a REALLY long time! So, I either have to be filled with a horrible shame or own it. Thus "Tomato Face Girl" was born!

But, back to business- I have been sucking a bit at training so I've decided to use my blog to make myself accountable. Whenever I run I'll record it here and write out whatever thoughts I may have had while running! No matter how stupid!

Here is why: like most bloggers, I post on my blog to keep an account of fun things that happen in my life! It's so easy to forget the good things and dwell on the bad.

Does this mean anyone reads it?


Is that the point?


Why don't I just keep a photo journal/normal journal?

I tried!

It takes the fun out of it when you KNOW no one can read it! You need an audience! But this way there's a chance that for some reason someone great will stumble upon it and smile at your crazy life!

So today:

Duration: 30 minutes

Distance: 2.67 miles

Good or Bad: not great- I had to actually walk for a bit which hasn't happened in a while. We ran on a treadmill which I haven't done in a while either! I wasn't planning on running so I ate broccoli right before and that was unfortunate. Just not a great food to have sitting in my stomach for a run!


Well my music wasn't working and while Family Feud was on the TV at the gym, I couldn't really hear what they were saying (but I know the Beams won the $20,000!). Something I've tried to do is memorize lists that I can go over in my mind. So today I did the presidents but unfortunately I've kind of over done that one so it only takes a minute or so to get through it. But today I randomly couldn't remember #34!! There are a lot of presidents who aren't that memorable or who did even really do much for the country but #34 is kind of a big deal! It's Dwight D. Eisenhower!!!

My next goal is to memorize the years they were in office and then some major facts about each so maybe that will expand the time it keeps my mind off running.

I also realized that when I get tired when I run I tilt my head back and that makes it harder to breathe! Gotta keep my chin down even if I'm tired of holding my dang head up!!

That was pretty much it for today! Say hello to Tomato Face Girl!

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